What we do

video_2At XLNC we provide our clients with all the necessary tools to tell your story, capture your precious memories , document your occasion, or visually enhance your presentation.

Our skilled staff of media professionals are dedicated to making your project a success. There is no project to big or small for us to handle.


Before embarking on our journey to creating your masterpiece, we sit down with our clients to get a clear understanding of what is expected and needed. It is at this phase when we ascertain what type of budget is necessary to complete the job to assure you there will be no hidden fees. When you are comfortable with the plan we agree upon we draft a contract and it’s on to the next phase.


Once we have an agreement on the table, we put together a plan of attack that includes: storyboarding, scriptwriting, research (when necessary), location scouting and site surveys (when necessary), and  finally project scheduling. We make every attempt to cover all the due diligence to avoid wasting valuable time and resources.


Now that we have a solid plan, we set a date for production and from there it’s lights camera action.


When we’re done with the production work, we put together a rough cut of your project for your review. This will give you the opportunity to get a feel of what is yet to come. It is at this point where you have the opportunity to give us your valuable input.

After all the input and considerations are implemented into the project, we sit down with our client to view the final draft. This is the point of no return. This is the last chance to make any adjustments before the project is fine tuned and finalized.